Consulting Firm Saves $40,000 a Year in VPN Costs, Speeds File Access by 40 Percent

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Executive Summary

Convergent Computing (CCO) helps midsize and large organizations design and support multiplatform network solutions. Most CCO employees work remotely and need a secure, reliable way to connect to the corporate network and download files quickly. When working at customer sites, employees often could not connect to the company's Virtual Private Network (VPN), and connecting from an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot raised security concerns. Also, it could take 15 minutes to download a file. In January 2009, CCO deployed Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. The new DirectAccess feature in the operating systems gives employees instant access to the corporate network and saves CCO U.S.$40,000 a year in VPN costs. DirectAccess also improves security and remote management.

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