COSCO Unifies Enterprise: Computing Platform on Windows XP Professional

The lack of a singular enterprise-wide computing platform at China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) presented numerous challenges. The company was presented with Windows XP as a comprehensive solution. This case study offers a history to the COSCO Group, suggesting how it grew in the nineties and at the turn of the century found that it had over one thousand subsidiaries with independent Information Technology systems. This case study suggests how islands of crucial business data existed earlier, which could not be leveraged for collective benefits. The case study then goes on to describe how, in the effort to make COSCO a global entity, its CTO decided upon equipping the organization with the latest tools in information technology. This aided faster growth, increased competitiveness and agility. The first step for the CTO was to standardize the desktop computing environment using Windows XP Professional. The study discusses the various reasons for which Windows XP Professional was chosen, with the two primary ones being immediately facilitation of a much-awaited convergence of the consumer and business lines of Microsoft Operating systems alongside unbeatable compatibility with third party applications and hardware support. Windows XP Professional also offered a simplification that enabled the Information Technology management staff of the company to focus on one operating system. The case study goes on to discuss the various features of Windows XP Professional, its benefits as an enterprise wide computing platform, as well as the increasing importance of a unified computing platform for organizations as they progress into the future.

Provided by: Microsoft Topic: Software Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: HTML

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