Council Chooses IGEL Thin Clients to Improve Management and Reduce Time and Cost

Date Added: Jun 2009
Format: PDF

The South Bedfordshire District Council chose IGEL Thin Clients for better management of data and reduction of costs. The council also wanted to reduce the time spent on managing its computers and its network. The council was working with an ageing computer network which was increasingly getting more time consuming and expensive to maintain. The Council's Information Technology (IT) team found the network unreliable and unsuitable for running new applications. The Council felt the need to standardize applications and modernize the network. Therefore, they sought a desktop solution that could be rolled out immediately and would address information security concerns as it handled personal information of many thousand residents in the effort to deliver various services. This case study discusses why the Council needed to minimize the risk of data theft or loss, and how replacing the Council's PCs with IGEL Winestra 4610 XP Thin Clients, which is a server-based solution, proved to be the solution. It describes that IGEL was able to offer dual screen support for graphical displays and running multiple applications, as well as facilitate the running of small applications at the local level using its local processing power. The case study discusses the benefits that IGEL Thin Clients offered the Council such as reduced hardware support calls, remote administration across models and easy maintenance.