Data Management

CREA-PR Simplifies Charts and Report Generation to Monitor Activities in Real Time

Date Added: May 2010
Format: PDF

The case study throws light on how Oracle assisted Conselho Regional de Engenharia, Arquitetura e Agronomia do estado do Parana (CREA-PR) in simplification of their charts and paper generation processes and enabled them to monitor various activities in real time. CREA-PR actively guides, controls and develops various professional activities in the fields of agronomy, geography, architecture, engineering, meteorology and geology in the state of Parana. It has been working assiduously for last 75 years to develop initiatives that strengthen and ensure security for a civil society. The paper details various challenges faced by CREA-PR and how Oracle helped in overcoming them. Some of the challenges tackled by Oracle as mentioned in this paper included extraction of information from over nine hundred inter-related tables holding data pertaining to services offered by entities covered by CREA-PR. Another challenge was deployment of an effective tool that facilitates prompt and easy access to project, monitoring and financial data and technical responsibility and registration papers, also known as ARTs. A solution was also required for acceleration of data searches in order to provide managers with accurate and speedy information that can help in faster decision making. They also provided for making the system more user-friendly and thereby allowing users to generate papers on their own, without disturbing the IT staff. The paper delves into various solutions offered by Oracle to overcome all these challenges.