Creating A Comprehensive Approach To Human Capital Management

Date Added: Jan 2010
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A fast paced of two multinational pharmaceutical companies created the need for redesigning of all human capital management systems, programs and processes so as to provide consistent, high-level solutions. To achieve this, the merged company engaged Deloitte, a leading business management and consulting solutions provider. After initial fact-finding exercises, Deloitte found that neither of the original companies had the appropriate human capital business processes, programs and employee benefits to move forward in the new organization. HR systems were disjointed and in need of consolidation and an upgrade. In addition, even with the combined employee population, there were limited resources to help create the new HR organization and a global HR information technology (HRIT). Deloitte provided the merged company with project management and disciplined methodology to determine and prioritize business needs. Once needs were prioritized, Deloitte worked closely with the merged company to create strategic human capital management business processes and programs to support their staffing, benefits, sales and marketing, and organizational effectiveness functions. These business processes were implemented globally to provide consistent, high quality solutions for the organization. In addition, an enterprise-wide system solution was also developed to place 72 countries on a single HRIT system, which enabled all users to have access to accurate, reliable information, including an upgrade to state-of-the-art software, the implementation of employee and manager self-service and a shared services organization.