CRM Improves Compliance and Client Service at Boutique Investment Firm

Date Added: May 2010
Format: WORD

The concept of this case study is to discuss the new CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 that is designed to allow the firms to track their customer's transactions. Mentioned in this document is Boutique financial services firm, Alliance Investment and Retirement Services, which is a company that provides wealth management advice to clients and charities. This organization relied on paper documents and manual systems for its obedience and customer service methods. This case study discusses CRM system that is a tailor made solution designed to help computerize recurring tasks in the firm. This CRM solution provides complete view of the firm's interactions with its clients. The CRM system talked about in this paper is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 that allows the organization to track the customer's interactions and also helps the staff in spending less time in going through paper archives and collecting information for audit and compliance reporting. It also allows firms to capture and track all customer details in one system, automating the repetitive process. This case study also mentions and discusses all benefits, features, and advantages of using CRM solution including lower compliance cost, easier report generation, better customer service, and getting more effective marketing. The CRM solution brought up and discussed in this report was a breakthrough from the labor intensive paper-based filing systems that was used by the organization.