CRM Process Standardization for an Automobile Manufacturer

Date Added: Nov 2009
Format: PDF

A global car manufacturer sought assistance from Mahindra Satyam to upgrade their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process from Siebel 6.3 to Siebel 7.5. This case study deals with how successfully the car manufacturer sought the partnership with Mahindra to achieve their business goal. The car company realized that for a successful business achievement they needed to adopt CRM not just as a software application but as an important strategy. The car manufacturer was facing serious issues with customer satisfaction and they hoped that with this up-gradation they could reduce cost, improve efficiency and uphold their status among the customers. The company also wanted the entire procedure to go hassle free because they had a huge client base from about 60 countries. Mahindra Satyam undertook the task and analyzed the current problems faced by the company. Mahindra developed a training plan from observing the company's existing business processes and process variation. The Gap analysis was done based on Siebel 6.3 and Siebel 7.5. With Satyam, this transition was done effectively and without any hindrance. They even created a backup plan for the company in case of system failure. Mahindra trained their client thoroughly who in turn adjusted their work flow to the new business process. With CRM software, the car manufacturer was able to have all the tools and solutions needed to strengthen the relationship they had with their customers.