Crown Worldwide Remains a Moving Force With LANSA

Date Added: Sep 2009
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Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage is one of the industry's leading full-service movers with more than 900 Agents in 125 countries. Customers wanted to be kept up-to-date about the progress of their relocations, the status of a specific step in the process etc. It became very time consuming for both the customer and staff to give a status update via the phone or fax. In addition, there was a constant pressure by prospective customers to offer an online order status inquiry facility. Crown implemented a LANSA-based tracking system that allowed the corporate customers and the individuals to follow the exact progress of their relocation. Up-to-date status information readily available 24 hours-a-day significantly improved customer service, especially for Crown's overseas customers. Customers can now see any status updates of relocation immediately without any time zone issues and they don't have to wait on the phone or for someone to get back to them by fax. An individual simply enters the order number and the first five characters of the shipper's last name to see the details of the household goods that are being moved for them. LANSA lowered their costs of the e-Business with vendors. At a later stage they intend to let the truckers, airlines, port agencies and other parties involved to update the status of their tasks themselves.