Customer Profile: Curtis & Tompkins

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Curtis & Tompkins is an established analytical chemistry laboratory in US. It analyses samples from federal and industrial sites spread throughout the country. This case study discusses Curtis & Tompkins's need to go paperless and the solution provided by SwiftView. The workings of the company include environmental (EPA) analysis. Testing of samples used to generate a large amount of paper. Further, government guidelines forced the lab to store all the paper typed data for at least five years. SwiftView was approached by Curtis & Tompkin for a solution. This case study discusses how SwiftView solved the lab's data retrieval problems. Web applications juxtaposing processed data with raw data were developed by the staff. After the data was organized, the need to make it retrievable arose. SwiftView intervened and a PCL was used which captured original data stream and redirected it to a web application for the users to view. The paper concludes that the results have been hugely positive. Intranet has enabled lab workers to view any page through web browsers like IE and Mozzila FireFox. Since SwiftVeiw's solution displays original captured print files, CPU time is saved and the file layout is exactly like printed papers. Finally, PCL files are reliable under heavy repeated usage and also display good results with long documents. The change has reportedly increased the lab's productivity.