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Customer Profile: Direct Technologies

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Direct Technologies Inc (DTI) is a leader in full service direct fulfillment and marketing production. This case study explores DTI's need for a multi-dimensional conversion package and the solution provided by SwiftView. DTI's services include various print and mail solutions. The company receives information and data in several formats and is often required to convert one file format into another. They required a fully-automated converter that could determine the number of pages in each file as this was critical to billing and processing. DTI wanted a converter to covert PCL into postscript for ease of printing. SwiftView provided the solution with its numerous features. Firstly, it converts to several variable outputs while preserving graphics. Next, it is easy to use and could be automated programmatically or via the command line. Automated conversion helped extract the page count from the output log easily and quickly. DTI received wonderful costumer response during the trial period and decided to finalize it. The paper leads one to the conclusion that SwiftView has enabled DTI to convert and process PCL formats easily. Estimation of the page count in a document or bill has facilitated production and bill reporting. Overall, the change has helped the company lower down its operational costs.