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Customer Profile: Smart Document Solutions

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Smart Document Solutions (SDS) integrated the SwiftConvert into its systems so that its customers could automatically view and convert their information files to PCL before they are input into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. This case study discusses how SmartLink could integrate with all EMR systems and SwiftConvert could convert the files. The paper also discusses how the SmartLink and SwiftConvert tools automate the response to request for information process with quality, speed and accuracy. Smart Document Solutions is a Georgia-based company that provides comprehensive solutions in health information management. The case study introduces the company as one that supports healthcare organizations to reduce administrative costs, improve efficiency, achieve regulatory compliance, increase patient satisfaction, and manage revenue cycles whilst complementing existing EMR workflows. The case study discusses how using an EMR system usually involves staff pulling and printing records to handle a variety of release of information requests. It then presents how SmartLink, an integration tool, simplifies the process by capturing electronic records, along with SwiftView capturing PCL files prior to directly transmitting them to automate the process. SwiftView's solution eliminated the cost of paper and toner. It also allowed direct transmission of requested documents electronically to the seeker. The paper concludes that Smart Document Solutions found the process of installation and integration very efficient.