Czech Start-Ups Get Business-Class Telephony Using Meru Wi-Fi Network

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Executive Summary

TechnoPark Pardubice is a business park that hosts offices and other facilities of many start-up companies in the Czech Republic. The park comprises office, R&D labs, engineering labs, and spaces for prototypes. It lies on the outskirts of Pardubice, which is an ancient town. The technology park also has spaces for full technology product development. This business park is closely associated with the University of Pardubice that specializes in technology research. Therefore, tenants at the acreage are provided with access to a lot of technical knowledge, support, and consultative resources. They also provide a wide range of technical equipment so that start-ups don't have to depend on it. In a nutshell, the business park worked as an incubator for the many high-tech start-up tenants. To ensure productivity of these tenants, TechnoPark wanted a flexible, powerful and versatile network infrastructure. This would allow TechnoPark to provide for the rapidly-changing needs of start-ups. The solution should be able to support high-speed voice and data services, provide security, and should be easy to deploy and administer. The company approached Meru Networks to provide for a high-performance wireless network that was reliable. The network should also be able to offer flexibility that is expected of voice and data services. Sixty Meru AP201 access points were installed that were managed by an MC3075 controller to provide a blanket of 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi coverage throughout the campus.

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