Data Mining in Course Management Systems: Moodle Case Study and Tutorial

This case study presents a survey of the specific application of data mining in learning management systems and a case study tutorial with the Moodle system. Educational data mining studies upcoming methods that are aimed at exploring the unique types of data that come from the educational context. The paper introduces educational data mining in both a theoretical and practical way for the readers. It describes the full process for mining e-learning data step by step. This paper also describes the different data mining techniques used and how they can be applied by the users. Among the data mining techniques mentioned in the paper are statistics, visualization, classification, clustering, association rule mining, pattern mining and text mining of Moodle data. For the convenience of readers, the paper has used free data mining tools so that they can immediately try data mining without having to purchase a commercial tool or program a specific personalized tool. The web-based education system has gained popularity as neither students nor teachers are bound to a specific location. This is a computer-based education system that is virtually independent of any specific hardware platforms. The paper attempts to describe how different data mining techniques can be used in order to improve the course and the students' learning.

Provided by: Reed Elsevier Topic: Big Data Date Added: May 2008 Format: PDF

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