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David Weekley Homes Customer Profile

Date Added: Jan 2010
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David Weekly Homes, LP, is a successful American homebuilder company. This case study discusses the company's need to reduce paperwork without compromising with efficiency. DWH offers numerous custom choices to the customers for designing their homes. Its Personal Builder program permits the customers to interact comprehensively with the person who is actually building their home. This requires sharing of house plans and drawn layouts. According to the paper, a cost-effective, accurate and quick method to share drawings via the internet was sought. The solution had to maintain the drawing sizes and orientations without compromising with the technical feasibility. The company decided to use SwiftView's fast, easy and reliable HPGL viewing system. SwiftView allowed licensing of files, thus making it easy to distribute cost-free over the internet. Moreover, SwiftView allows the end user to view compressed files directly, without unzipping them. Finally, the paper concludes that DWH's Orlando Branch which had implemented SwiftView's solution has recorded affirmative results. Financial benefits soared because of the decreased operation costs and increased productivity. Not taking printouts and mailing them saves the company considerable time and money. DWH Orlando is convinced that their SwiftView investment has given them a considerable advantage over the other competitors in the market.