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Developing Scalable Solutions and Enhancing Revenues for One of the Largest Telecom Organizations in South Asia

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The customer, one of the largest telecom service providers in South Asia, provides an assembly of services designed to suit the needs of every telephony customer, from CDMA and GSM mobile to Internet and Broadband, MPLS-VPN, VoIP and IN. Mahindra Satyam identified the multiple challenges that the customer was faced with. With the intent of overhauling the CDR Collector processes, the foremost initiative by Mahindra Satyam was to create and rollout a stringent set of SLAs. These would serve as the guiding principles throughout the rebuilding process and the interconnect operations. A new Network Management Systems (NMS) was established, to continuously monitor and check network connectivity, and generate the necessary alerts in the event of any outages.