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Development of an Automated Tool for One of the Most Complex BO XI Migration Programs

Date Added: Jul 2009
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A US-based global technology and services conglomerate develops solutions that benefit consumers and society. For instance, they provide some of the world's most energy-efficient household products including appliances and lighting. The company had widespread global operations and used multiple technologies to provide comfort, convenience, protection and control, upgrading and streamlining strategic systems and reports. Key technology issues faced by the company included corrupted systems could not be corrected due to access issues, network congestion that caused problems in accessing reports, and concerns arising due to limited storage space that resulted in data mismatch in reports. Other problems related to technology included the huge volume of technical requests that caused network congestion and subsequent slowdown, the need to replace redundant reports, handling SDK environments, and system compatibility issues. Mahindra Satyam technology experts were brought in to develop an automated tool that could successfully complete one of the most complex BO XI migration programs at a worldwide level. Mahindra Satyam therefore put in place an efficient data migration solution while upgrading the customer's systems from BO 6.5.4 to BO XI R2. To make things better, Mahindra Satyam made optimum use of the value-added services on BO XI Migration Factory that included automated tools, a reusable component library, and proven migration methodology. The solution also included an Automatic Report Analyzer Tool that was able to help in report analysis. Import Wizard and Report Conversion tools were to automate redundant tasks.