Dunedin Casino Comes Up Trumps With Datacenter and Desktop Virtualization

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Executive Summary

The Dunedin Casino, which was operated by a New Zealand-based private company, is a hub for gaming and entertainment. This case study talks about how VMware virtualization helped Dunedin Casino to overcome the operational challenges of the business. The casino is a hub for gaming and entertainment that would face a number of technical issues arising due to the traditional hardware equipment it was using. Use of these old machines was affecting smooth business management such as limited operational availability, use of many servers each performing a individual and discrete functions, lack of compatibility of many applications with the new and update versions of operating system, low efficiency of the disaster recovery management, and inability of old desktops to support new applications. This case study shows how, after hiring VMware with the purpose of performing necessary upgrades and virtualization, the Dunedin Casino reaped great benefits. VMware carried out server virtualization in order to reduce the number of hardware equipment and increase server efficiency and usage. VMware also helped the casino to surmount all the above mentioned challenges. It also enabled the management of the casino to provide great services to its customers by improving the efficiency and performance of all the computing devices at the hardware as well as software end. This application not only allowed better time management but also provided services at an affordable cost. This not only reduced the expenses but also improved company profits. The case study aptly defines how VMware found all the effective business solutions for its client Dunedin Casino.

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