Dynamic Data Center Tool Kit Enables Managed Hosting and On-Demand Virtualized Infrastructure Services Based on System Center and Windows Server 2008/Hyper-V

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Executive Summary

This case study talks about MaximumASP that deals in providing Windows based web hosting and managed IT services to its customers. The organization mentioned in the case study delivers on-demand scalability, low costs and high availability through effective server services. With the help and control of Microsoft Dynamic Data Center Tool Kit, this organization provides managed IT services and Web hosting services that help their clients in meeting the changing requirement of businesses. The kit mentioned and discussed in this case study helps hosting providers build managed Hosting services and On-demand virtualized infrastructure powered by System Center and Windows Server 2008/Hyper-V/IIS. This kit offers various benefits to customers including high availability clustering, horizontal and vertical scalability, smart monitoring, regular backups, and bigger support. This case study discusses MaximumASP that is an expert of Microsoft technologies with its main focus on Microsoft's developer ecosystem for their hosting needs. This paper mentions Hyper-V based visualization of environment for the organizations' customers to decide features they need in perspective of cloud based services. This paper talks about the infrastructure created by the company that was based on Windows Server 2008 and System Center known as MaxV. With the help of MaxV, MaximumASP arranges on-demand virtual sensors that feature basic visibility into the Hyper-V, cluster, networking, and storage infrastructure. The company provides improved uptime to all customers with the help of Windows Server 2008 and System Center based infrastructure.

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