EarthCam: Pillar Has Eye on Storage for EarthCam

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Executive Summary

This case study details out the ways in which The Pillar Axiom served to meet the image storage constrains of EarthCam. EarthCam, a well-renowned brand in the field of live imaging was founded in the year 1996 with the view of webcasting live images for its customers like AOL/Time Warner, the NFL, MSN, ESPN, and Yahoo. Live images can be extremely useful for a wide range of industries such as news channels, traffic control departments, security agencies, construction fields, metrological departments for weather forecasting to name a few. This paper discusses several challenges encountered by EarthCom in its quest to provide services to its pristine customers, and how Pillar helped it overcome all those obstacles, such as the ever growing bandwidth requirements, need for a better capacity storage space, inefficient management of growing number of image data, high costs and energy consumption in the storage and management of data, unsatisfactory and inefficient performance of the earlier NAS system used for storage of data. The paper goes on to provide a detailed insight on how Pillar solved the growing needs for storage of ever increasing number of images for EarthCom.

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