EBay - ECommerce Platform a Case Study in Scalability

This case study speaks about the search and trading platform of eBay, an eCommerce giant. The company employs a vast multitude of platforms including PayPal and Skype. Most of these platforms have been obtained through acquisitions. Therefore, there is a risk of mismatch between these platforms. However, the paper researches the platform architecture and its development through the years. These platforms employ distributed object technology and require security, easy availability and scalability. eBay uses end-user applications. The paper also concentrates on the introduction of new APIs by eBay, and its implications to the developers working on buying applications. The new APIs give flexibility to the developers to tailor eBay applications according to their requirements. The paper also takes the large scale of eBay operations into account while studying its architecture. The company platform manages 248,000,000 registered users and has 10,000 live applications. Its core architecture with special emphasis on the progression for accommodating bigger traffic has been chronicled. The platform's component models include web clients, security server, proxy servers and application servers and it has a three-tier architecture. The paper also studies the adaptability of eBay platform and the process of re-designing the platform to meet the changed needs of the organization.

Provided by: McGill University Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: PDF

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