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Ebrary Case Study: Boulder Public Library

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Boulder Public library is located in Colarado, USA and has more than 100,000 cardholders. This case study speaks about the Boulder Public Library's decision to subscribe to ebrary. While printed and bound books are still preferred in cases such as leisure reading, research couldn't rely on the small and less accessible volume of traditional books any longer. More and more patrons were shifting to digital books and other computerized resources for research purposes. Boulder Public Library had won a free ebrary subscription in the year 2002. The academic aspects of ebrary led this public library to become a subscribing customer in 2003. Thus, in effect, Boulder Public Library has been supported by ebrary since June, 2002. The paper discusses how ebrary's academic features attracted Boulder Library in spite of the fact that Boulder is a public library and hence not intricately concerned with research materials. The transition has worked out because Boulder is a town inhabited by an intellectual population. The advanced topics provided by ebrary have proved very useful to the card owners. Ebary has provided an extensive digital database of research optimized tittles. Finally, the paper leads one to the conclusion that over the years, ebrary has expanded the library's content while wonderfully accommodating and responding to Boulder library's staff and patrons.