Electronics Retailer Improves Operational Efficiency, Reduces Costs With Identity Solution

Date Added: May 2010
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Teknosa is a leading technology provider in Turkey with more than 250 stores in 66 cities. It offers all kinds of technology products to customers, from electrical appliances to communications devices, from personal care products to home products through its store network. Teknosa users needed to log on with almost 14 different passwords. Identity and access management began to become a serious issue that had serious adverse effects on user productivity and operational efficiency. The users started to make note of passwords breaching the security policy. Teknosa started hunting for options and settled on Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) as a good solution. The total cost of ownership was also highly reasonable compared to the alternatives in the market. Collaborating with Microsoft solutions partner weeNext, FIM offered functions for establishing role-based access, and identity synchronization capabilities, in addition to support for integrating third-party applications to the identity management system. Within a short period of four months, Teknosa and weeNext deployed the first phase of the new identity management system for 525 users and 14 applications at the company's head office. The new solution had high integration and was easy to manage with delegation. It was productive, economical, reportable and secure. Teknosa now plans to expand the project to all Teknosa stores across the country within a year.