Energy Management Company Consolidates Data Center

Date Added: Apr 2010
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Schneider Electric has over 100000 employees and has more than 139 entities. The company has launched a new consolidated application that has been formed with the merging of over 2000 other applications. This case study looks at the advantages that consolidation technology provided to Schneider Electric. The success of the application is the use of Cisco Data Center 3.0. One of the main reasons for building a consolidated application was the lack of space for existing rooms in their centers in USA. As the traffic was increasing through consolidation, a major feature required was fast speed for the wire connections. The benefits of the Cisco Data Center 3.0 are numerous. Reduction of capital cost comes out at the top with as high as 15% savings in the forefront. Cable management has been significantly simplified with this solution. As the number of connections required has decreased, an effective solution for cable congestion has been found. The same operating system of NX-OS is being used in all Cisco Nexus Data Centers. Creation of a virtual switch was another advantage Cisco Data Center 3.0 provided. Instead of using separate switches for the security systems which used to be a huge task, this system allows usage of virtual switches using Cisco Nexus 7000 core. Furthermore, newer business requirements can also be met using this data centre.