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Engineering Firm Needs A Billing System That Delivers

Date Added: Jan 2010
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When an organization relies on IT applications to manage the customer service, billing, and back-office processes that deliver revenue, it points directly towards mission-critical systems. An engineering firm recently found itself in a systems implementation dilemma that could have produced significant negative consequences to the operations if it was not quickly resolved. At 60% over capacity, the legacy billing system was badly strained, but the new system being tested was demonstrating considerable errors. Business stakeholders, senior management, and the Board of Directors were very concerned. Deloitte's philosophy was simple; to plan for risk to minimize it with robust information in hand and a plan to manage problems, the organization felt more confident in it's decisions-particularly in the all-important go-live verdict. At the initial assessment, Deloitte had identified what is believed to be a reasonable date, but previous delays had made management apprehensive and somewhat doubtful. Understanding all the risks and knowing that solutions were available to them made all the difference. What was required was a sustainable, scalable and transferable system. The new billing system was successfully implemented on the mutually agreed date, and without additional cost. The organization is now fully recovering revenue; it has reduced process costs and customer complaints, and the risk of having an inadequate back-office system is no longer an organizational concern. Equally significant is the system's sustainability.