Europe's Largest Mail Order Company for Computer Software and Equipment Offers Outstanding Voice Portal and Outbound IVR Services

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PEARL organization is the largest mail order company in Europe. The organization is highly efficient and employs only a few hundred employees. This case study delves on the challenges faced by the company due its existing call center system not being able to absorb the growing business. The company's customers were experiencing longer hold times and were not getting connected to the agents. PEARL decided to replace the existing system with a new one. This paper examines the criterions used by the company to decide for the replacement. PEARL emphasized customer satisfaction and was looking for a system that would enhance the customer experience. The company finally chose to install Excelsis and Voxeo voice portals. The new systems were easy to install as those could easily integrate with existing system. The paper also discusses the implementation process. In the first step of implementation, Excelsis Callback system was installed, which provides a caller with the option to request a callback in case of a long waiting line. Voxeo's VoiceObjects server was used to expand the capacity of the system. This allowed the new portal to be accessed by different phone numbers as well. The new system ensured that the company was able to handle peak load efficiently. It also made it easier for it to be maintained and administered as it generates comprehensive analysis and reports.