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Exploit Technology Runs Worry-Free LANSA ERP on System i

Date Added: Jan 2010
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This case study talks about the usage of LANSA ERP on System i by Exploit Technology that is the manufacturer and supplier of LCD backlight module diffusion, reflector sheets, and hybrid optical films. With the growth in increasing revenues and infrastructure, the company utilizes ISM System i520 server running the ARTS ERP system from LANSA Partner Innatech Company Limited. This paper states that the launch of LANSA ERP has made the system more accurate and scalable. The integrated modules of the system have made it easy for people to list initiatives for this company that is expanding rapidly. This paper is an in-depth analysis on the challenges, solution, features, and benefits of using LANSA by the organization. The LANSA ERP in System i that was launched by Exploit Technology has helped the company in producing its business report on time with up-to-date revenues and cash-on-hand figures. It has changed the organization's daily operations and is used as a means to protect the company's investment. The LANSA solution with IBM System i520 is strong and reliable and also allows the company to implement more B2B applications in future that can run on the same server. Discussed in this paper is efficient and cost-effective LANSA solution that is designed for company's IT infrastructure. This solution is easy to use and operate.