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EZ Banking for PURAC Biochem and Other BPCS Users

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With its headquarter in the Netherlands, PURAC biochem is one of the world's largest producer of natural lactic acid, lactates and other related products used widely in the food, cosmetic and medical industry among others. Initially, the company use to manually instruct their bank to pay a certain vendor's invoice. This was followed by the need to manually mark that invoice as being paid in Business Planning and Control System (BPCS) system. The last step in the process was to enter same payment for a third time on the arrival of bank statement. This proved to be a tedious and confusing job. The problem was aggravated in case of multiple currency transactions or payment discounts. The problems of PURAC biochem was finally taken care of when it decided to implement EZ Banking Enterprise (EZBe), a LANSA and web-based banking solution for BPCS users from LANSA business partner and BPCS specialist SOLAR-IT in Belgium. The company achieved significant savings through this step. The EZ Banking Enterprise (EZBe) helped PURAC biochem in greatly enhancing the promptness and accuracy of their administration. What made it more special was the fact that all this was done without having to hire extra resources. EZBe allow administrators to easily process receipts and payments in one easy step.