Finance In Focus When Two Large Banks Merged, Getting Finance In Sync Was A Top Priority. Here's How They Did It

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Executive Summary

The merger of two large banks with different methods of business practice results in countless challenges. This case history discusses how Deloitte helped the integration of two banks and the resultant finance function of the merged bank. Despite the similarity in industry, the challenges are many in such mergers with respect to operational modules, different processes and various other differences. The first part of the case history describes these challenges faced by the banks in case of an eventual merger. The second part of the study discusses the steps taken by Deloitte to resolve the issues and merge the two banks successfully. It suggested the two-pronged strategy for the merger of the financial institutions. Initially the focus was on specific groups, thus creating the road-map to business for the first 18 months and beyond. Some of the specific areas of help, like the integrated allocation, common travel, expenses, entertainment policies and project planning are discussed in details in this study. Apart from these specific areas, Deloitte provided an all round support in the integration of their Human resource, technology and process. Currently, the bank with its merged financial organization is operating successfully with bigger goals and ambitions. The study concludes with the list of benefits the bank achieved due to this subsequent merger.

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