Fujitsu Case Study: Paik Hospital

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Executive Summary

Inje University Paik Hospital was first opened in 1932 when Dr. Inje Paik, clinical professor of Gyeongseong Medical School. The hospital evaluation system directed by the Ministry of Health & Welfare required the introduction of EMR (Electronic Medical Records), PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System) and OCS (Order Communication system). Theirs Data was expanding due to patient increases and will expand further due to the introduction of EMR, PACS and OCS systems. It was also time the outmoded and obsolete servers were replaced. Then they deployed Fujitsu. Fujitsu introduced those PRIMEQUEST servers also Fujitsu's PRIMERGY server deployed at the hospital. Inje Univ. Sanggye Paik Hospital maximized their entire system use by structuring EMR/OCS, the DB server and the file server using a cost-effective active/active method.

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