Garment Manufacturer in Top Form With Protex and LANSA

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Top Form International is a manufacturer of women's underwear and brasserie and has manufacturing units in Asia. The company distributes its products worldwide under OEM contracts with brands such as Sara Lee's Playtex, Vanity Fair's Vasaret, Bendon, Natory, and Mary-Jo. The company has two types of manufacturing?Make to Stock where a company produces and sells finished goods out of stock and the other is Make to Order where the production starts after a customer places an order. Top Form works with Make to Order manufacturing. Therefore, the solution that Top Form required needed to emphasize on material control and job costing. Therefore, the company deployed Protex core functionality in four major processes of operation?cutting, sewing, inspection and packing. The company is now going to implement detail steps within each of these operations. With these implementations the company has reduced their raw materials stock levels because they know how much material they need at what points in time. The company also has better control over their manpower and machine availability. There is no order loading and therefore the company can plan their capacity well. The company required a lot of customization to the MRP module and they chose Incode to provide developing solutions with LANSA. The modifications seemed easy to create and to implement. This way, LANSA came to be a reliable and efficient tool for Top Form.