Gates Singapore Extends BPCS With LANSA Commerce Edition

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Written in this case study is the advantage of using LANSA Commerce Edition to Gates Singapore organization. Gates Singapore is the manufacturer of automotive and industrial belts, hoses, and connectors. With the increase in the global demand, Gates Unitta Asia Company utilized LANSA Commerce Edition for BPCS that made it easy for customers in countries including Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia to place orders, and view deliveries, inventory, and accounting information over the web. This paper talks about the challenges faced by the organization with the solution, features, and benefits of using LANSA. The organization executed LANSA Commerce Edition for BPCS in three days and took around 15 days to customize and use the solution. This solution is useful, efficient, and cost-effective and can be easily upgraded to BPCS system without interrupting the business. The idea of this paper is to discuss the advantages of using LANSA to increase the sale of a business organization over the web site. The company intends to increase business-to-business functionality to the suppliers by including EDI and XML transactions with the supplier's system and LANSA Integrator for big suppliers. LANSA is a cost effective web extension that is designed for existing BPCS system. It can be integrated without interrupting system or hardware upgrades. This fast and quick solution is designed to provide accurate and reliable data and it intends to face all kinds of IT challenges.