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Geodis Wilson Australia Saves With Visual LANSA

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Executive Summary

Geodis Wilson is a freight management company that employs 5,500 people worldwide from a global network of offices and air/ocean hubs in over 50 countries. The Australian branch of the company has extended its COBOL-based freight management solution Freight/AMS from Transaxiom with the LANSA-based Windows functionality. It also engages Microsoft Excel reporting and came up with a website to improve productivity and customer service. Because efficiency of internal IT plays an effective selling role for freight management, the company has been using and customizing core freight management solutions for almost two decades. While the functionality suited their requirements, the user interface had a legacy green-screen look. The users now wanted a Windows or browser interface with a smaller number of screens. The company was already comfortable with using LANSA for Windows and websites. With the use of the new Visual LANSA application, users could get involved at the development stages. The company developed many Windows add-ons to their freight management solution with Visual LANSA. The earlier systems did not allow users to see the status of shipments and did not offer profit estimates. Therefore, they replaced the program with Virtual LANSA in a period of three hours so that users can enjoy an attractive and productive Windows interface. Even at a time when Geodis Wilson Australia set up a new company for management of sea freight documents, the existing system would have required preprinted stationery and an additional iSeries printer. LANSA took six hours to develop a Visual LANSA function that passes the relevant data to an Excel document with the correct formatting. Currently, they print on the department's PC laser printer. This makes the systems flexible and cost effective.

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