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Global Data Center for a Leading Component Manufacturer

Date Added: Jul 2009
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A leading global automotive component manufacturer was planning on outsourcing its data center operations for which they chose Mahindra Satyam. Mahindra Satyam's challenge beyond the takeover was to transfer and make the data center available for running critical applications in the least amount of time. This case study reveals how Mahindra Satyam was able to take over the client's 60 servers in less than two days of time. The challenges Mahindra Satyam was faced with included taking over additional connectivity and components. The creation of a Mahindra Satyam Data Center environment was one of the solutions highlighted for the problem. This data center was created within the client's facility in order to test systems in a new environment before shifting them out. This case study discusses how this outsourcing deal, known as 'walk in take over', involved Mahindra Satyam buying the client's North America GDC, which includes the support team and assets in order to then house them at its facilities. This resulted in Mahindra Satyam becoming responsible for worldwide data center operations across Europe and North America for the client. The paper concludes by identifying benefits such as cost savings during the contract, freeing up of IT infrastructure, improved problem solving, and, increased twenty-four-hour support for production, development and test to thousands of users.