Hillman Reduces the Cost of Implementing a Price Change

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The Hillman Group is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and it has over 21,000 retailers across the USA, Canada and Mexico stocked with an assortment of over 55,000 hardware items, such as fasteners, keys, signage & engraving products. Using LANSA, Hillman developed solutions that help the company synchronize item information, provide detailed statistics and reduce the cost of implementing. Using internal staff and the LANSA Integrator, they deployed RPG and other non-Java applications in their WebSphere portal environment. Hillman now uses handheld technology to scan the display and upload the information to a LANSA-based Customer Intelligence Repository (CIR). The CIR builds a planogram for each store that contains information about what items the store has on display and their respective order. Hillman installed LANSA's Data Sync Direct (DSD) solution to exchange item information. It was customized utilizing the LANSA Professional Services to become Hillman's main repository of item information - including images and packaging levels. They then used LANSA tools to create its CIR, which currently contains store attributes such as display planograms, geographic location, rep schedule and routing, an assortment wizard and customer part numbers. Hillman's development team is currently working on a solution to automate the credit process. Using handhelds reps already have the ability to place credit orders. Using LANSA, Hillman has managed a cost price change by over US$850,000.