Hilton Grand Vacations Eliminates Reservation Bottlenecks and Boosts Productivity Worldwide With Imprivata OneSign

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Executive Summary

In the fiercely competitive hospitality industry, the inability to complete a sale can affect a company's ability to be successful on the world stage. Yet, increasingly sophisticated types of passwords designed to thwart identity thieves are, ironically, locking out agents and customer service representatives as well. Such was the case at the 3,900-employee Hilton Grand Vacations Company (HGV). They can't afford to dedicate one individual just to sign-on. They needed a solution that required virtually no tweaking, tuning, or babysitting - period. HGV researched options by Citrix, Novell, and Sun, but OneSign proved to be the clear winner. The Imprivata solution didn't just meet their requirements, it actually exceeded their expectations. A very impressive feature was the solution's granularity. For their purposes, the choice was very clear.

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