Storage Pillar Is the Life of the Party for's Thousands of Servers

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Executive Summary

This case study provides an insight on how the SAN application from Pillar helped its client to overcome the operational barriers it was facing due to excessive load and storage issues. (HMS) provides the facility of web hosting to its customers for about 85000 sites. It owns its personal data centers and storage networks that provide a large platform for its customers to store their data and important information. For this purpose, HMS has installed several servers that are monitored all day and night through a highly efficient alert mechanism so that the company could be alerted the moment some issue arises and can solve it instantly. This paper indicates the ways in which Pillar has served to meet all the requirements of HMS to overpower the operational concerns it encountered while maintaining such a tedious process. Some of the major challenges faced by HMS before it availed services from Pillar were deployment of new servers on a frequent basis, inefficient troubleshooting tools and applications, below the mark percentage of the average uptime provided to customers, lack of customer control over the storage sites and inefficient server management. The paper goes on to discuss the efficient and user-friendly methods of Pillar that act as a solid foundation for efficient business operations.

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