Housing Group Ensures Business Continuity at No Extra Cost With Upgraded Server

Date Added: Nov 2009
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As top residential social landlord in the United Kingdom, Regenda Group offers its auxiliaries a centralized core for business services. It was obvious to the group that e-mail and collaboration technology based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 was important to the organization's work. But equally vital was that the environment should be reliable and resilient, and able to swiftly recover from any major system breakdown. After deciding on a third-party solution for backup and recovery, Regenda installed Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 for business stability. Gardner Systems also installed the Windows Server 2008 operating system to substitute Windows Server 2003. The solution included Cisco telephony supporting a lone integrated voice and data network with multiple communications channels. These channels include voice calls, e-mail messages, short message service, fax, and Minicom. The system now offers standby continuous duplication for disaster recovery in case of a data-centre failure at no additional cost. What's more, several destination servers can be made for a single source server. Regenda has made significant savings, simplified administration, and made sure that its staff of 350 members can take action to tenant queries and complaints securely and consistently from the office, at home or when on the move. Moreover, Renegada has brought service standards to an unwavering level of distinction.