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HP Helps Canadian Red Cross in Building Safer, More Resilient Communities by Providing Appropriate & Cutting Edge Information Technology

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A read through this case study makes one believe that technology can aid in disaster preparedness decreasing the damage caused by natural disasters, even if they cannot yet aid in avoiding these disasters in the first instance. The case study discusses how Hewlett Packard developed a technology platform with powerful processing abilities in order to aid Red Cross' Geographic Information System. This Geographic Information System (GIS) is described as software from ESRI. The case study discusses that by offering a platform with consistent communication capability, fast graphic displays and the ability to tune into a family of printers for printing high resolution maps, Hewlett Packard delivered an effective and reliable solution to Red Cross. This solution is suggested to have accelerated the growth of Red Cross' information network and decreased the time taken for processing, thereby enhancing storage and dissemination capacity. The Hewlett Packard platform is also suggested to have provided high resolution graphics views through Hewlett Packard's twenty two inch Flat Panel Monitors. The case study states that the Hewlett Packard technology platform lowered the Total Cost of Ownership, optimized the power requirement and delivered the required holistic solution. Hewlett Packard used next-generation technology of its workstation xw4550, which is based on the AMD Optron quad-pro processor. The paper offers interesting details and images to support the case presented.