I've Been Infected By An Auto-Dialer Virus

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Defending the Net receives hundreds of e-mails every day in relation to computer safety issues. This case study focuses on the Auto-Dialer virus and describes how defending the Net received an email on the fourth of October about a computer that was infected by the Auto-Dialer virus. The case study looks at the virus as Malware that required much time to deal with. It discusses the potential cost that this virus could cause to the computer owner or user. The study says that this virus is capable of causing tremendous damage and therefore discusses the means through which the infection could have occurred. This Defending the Net case study lists sources such as pop-ups and banners which may not carry widely acceptable content. It therefore suggests a series of measures that can be taken in order to safeguard from the virus and suggests these measures be undertaken routinely. Measures suggested in the study include installing an anti-virus, regular usage of spyware detection software, disconnecting the computer from the modem or the phone from the modem in the case of cable or DSL connections, and not clicking 'ok' on random pop-ups. The study goes on to discuss measures to be taken when an infection occurs or a letter arrives from a long distance carrier which suggests that money is owed for 1-900 or similar calls.