IDEAL / Contex COPYmate 18 Scanner Helps to Improve Public Service

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Executive Summary

Accessing court pleadings and prothonotary indices wasn't always so easy. In September 2005, under the direction of the technically-savvy Chief Deputy Prothonotary, Eric Feder, the Office launched an ambitious backfile conversion. The intent? To digitize more than 1,000 aging, 14" by 18" prothonotary indices books into an accessible online digital library. The Office turned to Tri-State Reprographics, a local IDEAL / Contex dealer to find a scanner that wouldn't damage the original books. Tri-State worked with IDEAL to provide a CONTEX COPYmate 18 large-format, flatbed scanner to scan books that scanners with conventional roll-feed mechanisms couldn't handle. The office uses the IDEAL / Contex COPYmate 18 flatbed scanner with WIDEimage software to scan the documents, repair any that are old, damaged, yellow or fading.

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