IDEAL / Contex Scanners and WiseImage Software Help to Speed the Conversion of Paper Maps into GIS Systems

Download Now Date Added: Jan 2010
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IGIS needed to find a way to speed the scanning and conversion process and minimize the need for error correction in the digitized files, so that they could quickly provide their clients with accurate, GIS-ready digital files. The first step was to use IDEAL / Contex large format scanners to scan the legacy maps. IDEAL / Contex scanners provide a scanned accuracy of 0.1% +/- 1 pixel when measured at any place on the scanned document, thus ensuring the accuracy standards required by a GIS. In addition, IDEAL provided WiseImage Pro Geo Intelligent Raster Software to assist with the conversion process. WiseImage is automated raster-to-vector conversion software that speeds up the digitizing process significantly.