Information Security Management System Implementation for an Australian Airline

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Executive Summary

An Australian airline that already had a working partnership with Mahindra Satyam wanted to incorporate a new strategy in their existing security process. This case study tells one how they did it smoothly and successfully. The airline company realized that there were some gaps in the existing security process. They wanted to revamp and implement a new Information Security Management System (ISMS) before any kind of disaster occurred. They also wanted to integrate Satyam's security process which was based on ISO 27001 with their existing security process. All this was to be achieved within the shortest time possible. Thanks to the quick and smooth efficiency of Mahindra the objective was achieved within 70 business days. Mahindra conducted a total and an in depth study of the functions involving the airline's organizational structure and the Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA). Once thorough with that, Mahindra went ahead and drafted policies and procedures that conformed to ISO 27001:2005 and ESA. To ensure greater success for their program they sought to educate the airline employees on how to integrate the new business process with old ones. Mahindra brought out a new security calendar to keep track of security compliance issues. Mahindra Satyam thus successfully analyzed the business functions of their client, created specific strategies to capitalize on them, helped them to face stiff competition from their rivals and enabled them to achieve objectives that rewrote the future of the company.

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