Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan Customer Profile

Date Added: Jan 2010
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The Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan (ISC) is responsible for land survey, registries and land titles systems. This case study discusses ISC's need of online viewing of land records and the solution provided by SwiftView. ISC holds 116 years worth of over 50 million paper records along with additional detailed geographical location of each piece of land. The corporation wanted a viewing software to enable customers to access images like original Crown grants, survey plans and mortgages via the Internet. ISC's Land Titles Automated Network Delivery System (LAND) had been successful in integrating all land data but an online viewing device was still required. The company turned to SwiftView for a solution. The paper shows that SwiftView with its quick rendering, easy user interface and authenticity check via the SwiftStamp has positively complemented LAND. The study concludes that SwiftView's has provided ISC's customers with an efficient and easily usable method of viewing land documents. Since the traditional formal requests for a printed copy have been eliminated, ISC has been able to cut down on its time and manual processing expenditure. All these positive changes have greatly supported LAND and have helped ISC emerge as the leading corporation in Land Record Management.