IP Licensing With Specialized Customization - Perfect Formula for First Time Success

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A European chipset company was working on next generation communication solutions but it became a challenge for the company when it came to scaling of Wipro's Wireless LAN MAC core. This scaling allowed the company to support next generation, high throughput Access Point solutions. To meet these requirements of the company, Wipro licensed its Multimode Wireless LAN MAC (supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g) in mid 2003. The IT firm also licensed its other 802.11 extensions including IEEE 802.11e, IEEE 802.11i and IEEE 802.11h. For the chipset company, Wipro was able to customize its native Wireless LAN MAC to provide an Access Point. This access point was to be able to support air speed much higher than the standard value. The access point was also to become compatible with legacy 802.11a/b/g third party wireless cards. This solution also supported WiFi Quality of Service protocol (WME) along with the 802.11i Security protocol over multiple VLANs. Along with the DCF protocol, Wipro was able to improve new proprietary modes to increase the goodput at the MAC-SAP level. With this IP customization, the company received a quick launch pad. With Wipro's Wireless LAN MAC IP, they were able to develop next generation, high speed access point. Wipro was therefore able to provide extensive customization such as inclusion of features and basic IP upgradation. This way they were able to provide for specialized needs of the client.