Ipoque Enables Cable Operator to Balance Between Network Performance and P2P Access: TVTEL Portugal

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Executive Summary

TVTEL is a Portuguese digital satellite and cable pay television service provider. It offers internet access, satellite television and telephone service to a broad range of customers from its headquarters in Porto. TVTEL faced the challenge of a high volume of P2P traffic that began to deplete network bandwidth. Almost 64% of network bandwidth was being consumed by P2P applications, especially by downloads. Increasing the bandwidth was not a solution as traffic would certainly expand to consume the extra bandwidth. Likewise, throttling P2P traffic was also not an option, as clients were promised a flat rate and would certainly be dissatisfied. To solve this problem, TVTEL looked at ipoque. ipoque's PRX Traffic Manager could successfully manage to prevent this effect at TVTEL by ensuring that non-P2P traffic got prioritized without totally curbing P2P application usage, an effective, powerful and fail proof system for Internet traffic management. ipoque's PRX Traffic Managers combined Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology with bandwidth management. They enabled effective analysis and optimization of applications. This systemized the flow to manage prioritization and bandwidth control of classified traffic. Extensive accounting features enabled in-depth application and subscriber-aware network visibility. Easy deployment and operation have been a major factor contributing to TVTEL's satisfaction with the solution. Besides the effective Internet traffic management, PRX Traffic Manager convinces with the integrated bypass.

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