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Iskratel More Than Doubles Call Processing Capacity With IBM solidDB to Service 2 Million Calls at Peak Hours

Date Added: Apr 2010
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Vital to the success of Iskratel's SI3000 products is the underlying database technology as any delays in accessing subscriber information, configuration settings and service data would delay service provisioning. As Iskratel sought to expand its reach worldwide, the company realized its internally developed database couldn't deliver the capacity, reliability or redundancy required. Working with IBM, Iskratel implemented the IBM solidDB relational, in-memory database as the foundation for its telecommunications equipment. In addition to delivering the extreme speed required - with microsecond response times - solidDB offered a dramatic boost in busy hour call attempts (BHCAs), enabling the company to grow capacity to support more than 2 million BHCAs. solidDB also delivered the extreme availability and ease of integration required to help Iskratel enter new markets quickly.