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IT Continuity Management Systems for a South African Government Entity

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The case study tells one how a South African Government Entity wanted to establish a Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DC) Plan to strengthen its IT infrastructure. This was very important for an organization to continue doing business without any disturbances in between. Once a critical situation arises this plan is very important for continuing the recovery and future progress of the organization. Especially in cases where an organization has branches all over, it will have a mix of different types of communication to overcome any challenges. Being in the healthcare industry, the agency had to cater to a variety of clients spread across the globe. Their IT infrastructure was not steady enough and it was affecting their business continuity. The Government agency initiated the services of Mahindra Satyam to review their current policies and procedures and at the same time strengthen their IT infrastructure. Mahindra examined the critical systems whose IT had weaker recovery capabilities. Through careful planning they came out with a plan whereby they created a priority of systems that needed to be strengthened and subsequently initiate recovery. Consolidation of systems and services were achieved with minimum deployment of resources. They used a variety of technologies which helped initiate the recovery process successfully. The recovery strategies based upon Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) was done in the presence of Mahindra. They visited each location personally to come up with the solution. Once Mahindra implemented their strategy they tested it thoroughly for positive response.