IT Continuity Plan for a Mining Company

Date Added: Nov 2009
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A huge mining company in the Persian Gulf wanted to incorporate an IT Continuity Plan (ITCP) for the success of their business. This case study tells one how the company, under the expert guidance of Mahindra Satyam, successfully fulfilled their objective. It was important for the company to have uninterrupted networking services because they had to keep in constant touch with mines in remote locations. Before the coming of ITCP, they constantly faced the challenge of network disruption. The whole trouble shooting process was divided into two phases - Phase1 and Phase II. Phase I involved plan development and the things that should go into it. Phase II consisted of testing and implementation of IT continuity plan. Phase I of the continuity plan dealt with risk assessment aspect. Through this each of the IT department was monitored carefully with the help of a contingency plan and in order to identify the threats and vulnerabilities a system can go through. At the same time, counter measures for the same were worked upon. The process involved all the stake holders and each point of failure was carefully analyzed. It took into account the problems faced by individual systems during a service impact. This also helped to ensure that an entire business continuity plan was implemented to create an end-to-end business solution. This would help the company overcome any crisis situation. Each of the employees were given specialized training in dealing with crisis situations should they occur.