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IT Provider for Churches Builds New Green Data Center

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Executive Summary

With support from T-Systems, EDV-Centrum fur Kirche und Diakonie (ECKD) is building a next-generation data center. Following the same architecture as the Cisco Data Center 3.0 Vision, the new center will use Cisco Nexus switches, a first for the church sector, and the innovative Unified Computing System (UCS). The result is a highly energy efficient, secure, and scalable platform for any imaginable IT and communication service. The architecture of the ECKD hi-tech center looks almost nothing like the classic structure of a conventional data center. Instead, it is based on the Cisco Data Center 3.0 model, which reverses the physical dependency between server hardware, data storage systems, and the network. Virtualization allows us to remove ourselves from the logical viewpoint of physical levels. This means that different customer applications can be provided with computer performance and memory capacity in a flexible way. UCS brings the management of virtualized server, storage, and network resources into one compact system that is on the outside. Apart from its reduced size, this system looks just like an everyday eight-blade rack. Scalability plays a part in the new ECKD data center because the organization needs to support a growing number of customers. The new ECKD data center unites economic and ecological objectives to make a wholesome effect as for the benefit of the customer and the environment.

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