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Italian Olive Oil Manufacturer Enhances Performance With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on IBM Mainframe zSeries

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Fratelli Carli was established in 1911 when Giovanni Carli, the youngest son of the oldest family in Oneglia, Italy, began selling the oil produced in his olive grove to the public. Fratelli Carli wanted to ensure the fast processing of customer orders by reducing system response times and maintaining consistent performance levels, even during peak periods. For this they chose Red Hat. Fratelli Carli purchased the IBM z9-BC mainframe with DS8100 disks, which allows the installation of Linux applications on the same equipment that manages z/VSE applications in production. The z/VM, IBM's sophisticated virtualization system, is essential to the integration of the two environments. In fact, the mainframe has a dedicated IFL (Integrated Facility for Linux) engine.